Roger Smalling, D.Min

These manuals are the core of the "Visión R.E.A.L" leadership training system. The teacher's manuals contain lesson plans, group exercises, quizzes and graphics with transparency templates. The teacher needs a working knowledge of the subject, but much of the tedium in teaching is taken care of here. Student's manuals and workbooks are provided in prose format.

* PERSONAL REVIVAL: Teacher's Manual  A devotional life course to help Christians improve communion with Christ, be led by God, increase faith and believe that they are what Scriptures say they are. Word 156k, PDF 295k

* DOCTRINES OF GRACE: Teacher's Manual An introductory course in Reformed doctrine of salvation, complete with lesson plans, group exercises, quizzes, handouts and overhead transparency templates. Ideal for small groups or Sunday School. Accompanies Smalling's book, "Unlocking Grace" although the book is not essential to the manual. The Overhead Transparency Templates is a separate file. Word 374k, PDF

* Student's Manual: Doctrines of Grace (For private study. Supplements the book Unlocking Grace by going deeper into key doctrines such as free will, effectual call, etc. This course can be taken for credit with Miami International Seminary.) (Download as Word 290k) (Download as PDF 625k)

* Justification Study Guide: A fill-in-the-blank 8-page guide on justification by faith. Ideal for group studies and Sunday school. Word 193k, PDF 186k

* CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP: Teacher’s Manual An Elder Training Manual. Introduces the Christian view of leadership with practical lessons on communication with subordinates, conflict resolution, negotiating, creative thinking, vision and planning. Contains 14 lessons with lesson plans, group exercises and quizzes. Homework reading is Sander's "Spiritual Leadership". Word, PDF
      *Textbook for course: CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP: Principles and Practice
        This course may be taken for credit with MINTS.

*THE PRACTICE OF CHURCH GOVERNMENT: Does God endorse any form of church government that suits us? Is it a cultural question? This interactive study helps students see the principles of biblical church government as primarily moral and only secondarily as administrative. Word 256k, PDF 314k (Teacher's Manual for Church Government: Word, PDF)

* SACRAMENTS: Teacher's Manual A brief introductory study in the reformed and Presbyterian view of sacraments. Interactive and good for small groups. Word, PDF
Student's Manual for Sacraments
Identical to teacher's manual except answers not provided. Word, PDF