Roger Smalling

* THE WIMP Science Fiction short story. Why would the Galactic Colony Service send a wimp to live alone on an uninhabited planet for a year? It makes sense, sort of, until everything goes wrong. (Word format.)
* SOFT TOUCH Science Fiction short story. Being tied up by giant aliens does not bode well for one's life span. Assuming, of course, giant aliens are as tough as they look. (Word format.)
* PHOBIA Science Fiction short story. The toughest Sergeant in the galaxy must overcome his secret fear.... or die.
* REV. ELSWOOD AND THE PINK PETTICOAT Surely a bunch of bumpkins have the smarts to remove a kitten from a petticoat without damage to either...or do they?
* REV. ELSWOOD AND THE RABID SQUIRREL Some squirrels have two legs.
* LETTERS FROM FARLEY Isn't iconoclasm a blast? If you don't know what that means, check out Farley.
* CUT ME KINDLY When the alien pleaded with planet hunter Jerome Derkson to stab him in the heart, Derkson hesitated. Would it be murder under galactic law even if the alien begged for it? (Word, PDF)
* PILLOW CHATTER Science Fiction short story. Thanks to those friendly aliens for the rescue. But why wouldn't they let him sleep? (Word format)
* ALIEN CLOWN Sci-Fi story. He thought his disguise was good as he walked among the alien culture. Oops! (Word, PDF)
* DRUG RUNNER Science Fiction short story. One planet's dangerous drug is simply comical on another. (Word, PDF)
* SWEET MEAT Science Fiction short story. How could such cute cuddly-bear aliens be anything else but friendly? So what if they have fangs? (Word, PDF)
* IT'S NOT NICE TO POINT  Science Fiction short story. Being pursued through a forest by an alien can be hard on the nerves. Even more when he catches you. (Word, PDF)