Roger Smalling, D.Min

These books are downloadable for free. Kindle versions available for $2.99.

CREATION, CONSCIENCE AND CHRIST: An introduction to biblical apologetics
The 3 C’s focus on the best biblical evidences for leading friends to Christ. You will be able to navigate past philosophical complexities from Romans one and two. Apologetics is the rational and factual defense of the Christian faith. Word, PDF

CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP: Principles and Practice PDF This book explains practical skills necessary for leadership in the Christian world. It is the textbook for the teacher's manual below. Word  *See TEACHER'S MANUAL for this course: PDF

UNLOCKING GRACE: An introduction to the reformed Doctrines of Grace. It is the translation into English of Smalling's popular book in Spanish, Si, Jesus. Touches on Sovereignty of God, Total Depravity, Election, Security of the Elect and others. Word  PDF  *See TEACHER'S MANUAL for this course.

PERSONAL REVIVAL: Smallings' new book for fledgling reformers. Teaches how to hear from God through a quiet time, pray effectively and live according to our authority and identity in Christ. Thirteen short chapters. Word  PDF  *See TEACHER'S MANUAL for this course. PDF

THE NEW EVANGELICAL SOCIAL GOSPEL: Explains a dangerous new fad sweeping our churches which challenges the mission of the church and even the definition of the gospel itself. Word  PDF

JOYFULLY JUSTIFIED! Is faith the basis of your salvation? Are you accepted with God because of your obedience? Do you keep your salvation because you have committed no mortal sins? If you responded, “yes” to any of these questions, you need this book. Insight into the wonderful doctrine of justification will convey hope, peace and joy as you discover why it was central to the Apostle Paul as well as the battle-cry of the Reformation. Word PDF

Offers counseling and healing to victims of the Word of Faith/Prosperity Movement. Exposes gnostic origins and shows how this extreme branch of the charismatic movement worships a false diety, does not practice biblical faith and is not Christian at all. Refutes the misinterpretations of texts used by the movement’s teachers. Word  PDF

GINGER: From Miracle to Miracle  The extraordinary autobiography of a missionary to the communist world, both in Europe and Asia, before the Iron Curtain fell. Word  PDF 

NO ORDINARY DAYS Dianne's charming booklet shows how to see God in the trivia of life. "Expecting God anywhere, seeing Him everywhere." Word  PDF 

OFF THE CUFF: Answers to Probing Questions Unexpected questions pop up in our email occasionally. Some seek personal counsel, others theological answers. Here are a few interesting ones. Word  PDF

JUST FOR FUN: Comical Incidents and Humorous Stories The unexpected happens in the life of a missionary. These stories, along with some humorous fiction and sci-fi, were written in my spare time to keep the creative juices flowing between projects. I hope you have as much fun with them as I did. Word  PDF